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Naéco: The strength of a network

Naéco is a fish and seafood broker that has been in business since 2003. We are known for our strong network, expert team and top-quality products. Each of our team members has over 25 years of experience working with major food industry players. Our company buys its products in Canada, the United States and internationally, and sells to distributors in Canada, the US and Europe. We distribute close to 3 million kilos of fresh and frozen fish every year.

Naéco maintains close, long-lasting relationships with fish and seafood suppliers that have been carefully selected for their reliability, honesty and focus on quality. Choosing Naéco as your fish and seafood supplier will give you peace of mind unlike any you’ve experienced in the industry. At Naéco, we deliver your products on time, in the amounts ordered and always in perfect condition.

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Our dedication to excellence

Canadian food standards are very strict, and Naéco takes pride in respecting them to the letter to offer you only the best. And in our dealings with international fish and seafood suppliers, we select only those that meet our high standards for product and service quality.

Naéco promotes sustainable fishing products

Naéco makes it a priority to choose suppliers that value sustainable fishing. We encourage the responsible management of ocean resources at all times to help preserve them for current and future generations. It's a great way of participating in the conservation of our ocean heritage.
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